Litchfield Elementary School District #79

Open Enrollment Application

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Please Note:

  • An individual application must be filled out completely for each student.
  • An Open Enrollment application is approved for one school year only. A new Open Enrollment application must be submitted each year for consideration.
  • Open Enrollment approval is based on student enrollment at each school, grade, and special program along with parent and student compliance to the parent/pupil agreement.
  • Returning students Open Enrollment application(s) must be received by March 15th of the current school year for next school year placement decisions.
  • Open Enrollment notifications will be emailed to the email address provided.

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Please Note: Each child must be five [5] years of age prior to September 1st for entry into Kindergarten and six [6] years of age prior to September 1st for entry into First Grade.

If you experience any technical problems or difficulties when submitting this form please notify us at with a description of the problem.